S.T.A.R Program

facilitating positive change in our community
S.T.A.R Program

S.T.A.R stands for ‘Stop Think Assess & Respond’ and is an education program for mainly grade six and seven students that takes a ‘just say KNOW’ approach to drugs, safety, compassion and community. S.T.A.R is continually adapting to the issues that are relevant to young students.  Recent presentaitons also include topics such as vaping, social media, gaming and screen time.  Each week during the school year - 3 mornings a week from 9am to noon - students in an elementary school somewhere in Vancouver are buzzing as they participate in quizzes and role plays that challenge them to think and act in a new and informed way.

Values, conflict and tricky situations are just a few of the topics that 2 of Watari's skilled counsellors approach over the 4 sessions, all with intention of building resiliencey skills and creating options that allow young people to stand up for themselves and others.


For more information about having Watari's S.T.A.R Program come to your school, please call Sandra or Kevin at 604.254.6995 or e-mail kevin@watari.ca.