Aboriginal Youth Worker

facilitating positive change in our community
Aboriginal Youth Worker

A new position with Watari, it is in place to support Aboriginal youth ages 11 to 16 in and around Britannia Community Centre, as well as their families. The intention is to provide outreach, case management, basic-needs support, social-inclusion opportunities and family referrals to culturally appropriate supports and services.

The Aboriginal Youth Worker is out in the community 4 days/evenings a week, working until at least 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. As the worker and youth get to know each other, that schedule will be flexible to include one or two weekend days a month planned for culturally relevant activities.

Like any youth worker, this person is knowledgeable regarding resources such as substance abuse programs (detox, counselling, treatment), food security, mental health services, basic health services, street-nurse programs, probation issues and family support options. No community position can be effective unless they work in partnership with other organizations.

Working with the Roving Leaders and Britannia Teen Program staff, as well as the Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society, will allow Watari to create options for young people that are safe, supported and fun.


For more information, please call our Executive Director at 604.254.6995 or email us at youthoutreach@watari.ca.