Eastside Integrated Youth Outreach Team

facilitating positive change in our community
Eastside Integrated Youth Outreach Team

Wikipedia defines ‘Street Outreach Workers’ as people who respond to street youths’ immediate needs for food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. They also carry with them items to hand out to street youth, including:

  • first aid kids
  • healthy snacks
  • water
  • blankets
  • clothing like underwear and outer wear to protect against the weather
  • condoms
  • flashlights
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • feminine hygiene products
  • cards with emergency phone numbers
  • resource lists of homeless shelters
  • food pantries
  • free medical facilities
  • legal aid information cards

Outreach workers connect and engage with youth, meeting them where they are at.  Early intervention is the key to building relationships with these vulnerable youth and assessing their needs.  Providing support through lay-counselling, reconnecting young people with family, encouraging them to work through the issues that brought them to the street is a focus of the work.  Safety is a consideration that workers keep in mind when matching young people with other supports and services.

Seeing more than 140 youth monthly, the Eastside Integrated Youth Team includes two late night youth housing workers,  two full time outreach workers, youth substance use counsellor and Case Management Coordinator.  This program is funded through Vancouver Coastal Health, City of Vancouver, BC Housing, Vancouver Foundation and a private donor.

Watari’s Eastside Integrated Youth Team manages to maintain connections with services in the community that interact with youth but aren’t sure how to assist them in negotiating the systems that are specific to youth. Working with Imouto House, Insite, Raincity Housing, First United and more, the team attempts to interact quickly and respectfully with young people to create pathways to employment, housing, education or home.


For more information, please call our Case Management Coordinator at 604.379.9341 or email us at youthoutreach@watari.ca

Our Outreach Worker can be reached on their cell phone at 604.725.7559.