It has now been a month since COVID19 crept in and significantly impacted the lives of Vancouverites. Over the latter portion of March, we have watched our community ban together to flatten the curve and help those in need – whether people are helping by staying home or helping as essential services, we are all doing our part. Though not open to the public at this time, Watari is busier than ever. We are strengthening our community during this historic chapter by making things less stressful for the people we support in the ways that we can.

Hot Meal Curbside Delivery
Though unable to welcome our community members into our kitchen in order to prepare a hot meal for those who are hungry at this time, staff and limited volunteers are currently preparing hot meals and walking outside of the office in protective gear to safely share with people we support.
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Food Bank Delivery
Our weekly foodbank has expanded. Staff and limited volunteers are collecting supplies, creating boxes with healthy and essential produce and dry/canned goods, and delivering to those that we support while taking virus precautions. During deliveries, protective gear and 6 feet of caution are taken seriously.
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Remote Counselling
We are providing those we support with confidential remote counselling options so that we can be there for those in their time of need. Intakes are continuing. Adjustments are being made to this process in order to meet safe, CIVOD19 conscious requirements.
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Out Reaching and Virus Protection
Our outreach, who often walk the downtown east side connecting youth with resources have always passed out snacks, water, and health kits. Using COVID19 precautions, we continue to provide one-on-one sessions within our community. Partner outreachers have begun passing out hand sanitizer and gloves as well in order to help our community protect themselves and educate those on proper COVID19 precautions.
For more information, contact Matt and Krystal:,

ICOP (Individualized Community Outreach)
Our one-to-one outreach workers typically connect with indigenous youth on a weekly basis. During this pandemic some support workers continue to connect with youth by engaging in outdoor activities while maintaining a safe 2 meters of distance. Other workers connect with their youth through Facetime, Zoom, and interactive games. Some workers even have pizza delivered while they have their remote sessions.
For more information, contact Kevin:

Art Activity Kits
Watari has begun gathering art supplies and coloring pages in order to provide families with creative indoor activities in order to encourage families to stay home and flatten the virus curve. These are passed out during our foodbank deliveries and by our out reach team.
For more information, contact Brynne:

Youth Rental Supplements
We are continuing to provide supplements for the people we support and maintain communication via remote phone calls and teleconferencing apps. Adjustments are being made to the intake process in order to meet safe, CIVOD19 conscious requirements.
For more information, contact Lavern and Dustin:,

Donation Acceptance
Watari is taking donations of food (canned or dry), water bottles, toilet paper, art supplies, and safety supplies (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, soap).
For more information, contact Grace:

General Office Precautions
All staff and volunteers are given a basic assessment upon entrance to see if they are permitted to enter the building. Upon passing, these people wash their hands – which occurs every time a staff member leaves the building to pick up or drop off donations. A doorbell system has been installed for community members who wish to access our staff out front of the building. Markers have been placed on the floor to help staff remain 6 feet apart at all times.