I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my experience since the first moment I came to Watari Counselling & Support Services. My name is Manuel, I am 56 years old originally from Mexico. I don’t exactly remember who referred me to Watari, but I am sure now it was the exact place and referral I needed.
I don’t remember because my health was in pretty bad shape. Those days I was feeling very depressed, sad, and lifeless. I had just gone through a divorce, had no hope, and a lot of it also had to with my way of drinking; my alcoholism. I was feeling completely dejected. But I went to Watari. God put me in the hands of a lady by the name of Ingrid Méndez at Watari’s L’Huerta Communal.
Thanks to her valuable help, her patience and professionalism, she helped me change my way of thinking. She gave me hope and helped me understand that “we can all do it” and believe me – that is true! I always remember her words “When you want to do it, you can do it and you can definitely do it don Manuel.” She would repeat that to me all the time. “Come on don Manuel, you can do it!”
As I don’t speak English, she is kind to provide her time to help read and translate my correspondence.
It was because of Watari’s help that I was able to obtain my pardon from the U.S.A. It was a very difficult and fastidious process that lasted 2 years. I was also able to get my status as a Permanent Residence of Canada. And most of all, I have learned to control my drinking. During the last four years, I have been working in different companies doing cleaning, and today I feel very proud of myself to be a painter. I am contemplating the idea of starting my own business. Step by step and effort after effort, I have reached success in my life.
I am writing this from my heart and thanking once again Watari, Ingrid, Byron and Karen.