“Walk this life bringing to every person that pass by: a smile, respect, understanding, help and collaboration”

Marlin started working in accounting back in her native Guatemala at age 15. She brings to Watari her experience working in manufacturing, foods, health, education and entertainment, just to mention a few. She has been a volunteer for different organizations since her arrival in Canada in 1990. She has been involved in fundraising thousands of dollars for different not for profit projects for health, education, arts and housing. She is involved in her community in the lower mainland bringing them music, volunteer and attending events.

Marlin is inspired and loves working at Watari, as she said, “it is a wonderful team of people; inclusive, respectful, and friendly environment; Watari, has a positive impact in the community it serves.” She is grateful to work and give her contribution to the work that Watari does.

Marlin loves to spend time with her family, loves travelling, hiking, running, arts, music and acting. She loves bringing people together and making them happy. She has toured in more than 50 countries, speaks Spanish, English and some Italian. Marlin loves to learn new things every day. Also, you may see her performing in various festivals, movies or tv shows.